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March 20, 2018

How One Lamp Inspired a Spring Refresh

I love stripes. No, seriously. It’s a problem.

Striped shirts. Curtains. Seersucker. Jackets. You name it. I’m obsessed.

I love the way it adds a nautical look but simplistic feel to any room (or wardrobe).

So when my friend spotted this lamp in our local Goodwill, I knew it’d be the perfect fit for living room and I wouldn’t even have to do a thing to change it!

I brought it home and quickly moved things around to see where it fit best.

Immediately, I loved it on this sofa table my husband made.

On this vignette (which also includes a giant Goodwill frame I filled with a DIY painting), it’s the perfect touch of pattern and color.

Using the rule of threes in decorating, this provides a perfect balance as an anchor for the end of the sofa table.

Offset by a large vase, I love the look it creates.

Bringing in softer, bright colors immediately my heart flutters for spring!

In my living room, I switched out my beige slipcovers for my white ones for that brighter look.

Next, bringing in a floral pillow from another room added one more pattern but not too much and ties the soft blue into another space in the room.

This casual, simple feel is what we love so much about our home.

And this simple stripe was just the finishing touch we needed! 

Lesson learned: an item from Goodwill doesn’t always have to be changed to be beautiful!

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