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December 19, 2017

Holiday Party Wear Done Right

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is already upon us, and that means the party season is in full swing until New Year’s Eve.  

With house parties, office parties, lunches, drop-ins and cocktails your wardrobe will be working overtime just to keep up with new and appropriate outfits for your social calendar

If your wardrobe is already exhausted or you find yourself tired of reaching for the same few outfits with little variations here are a few options that can help:

#1 Mix Textures

Cocktails are not the only things that will be mixed this season; textures will be too.  Have fun and play with layers of various fabrics and feels in one outfit.  Whether you choose polar opposites like silk and wool or similar ones like cotton and cashmere this is one of the easiest trends to follow.  With texture you can relax and have fun pairing colors, cuts, and styles because it’s all about the touch and visual depth of the overall look.

#2 Slip Dresses

In a season that screams over-the-top, sometimes the simple things stand out the most, and it doesn’t get more simple than a slip dress.  A huge trend in the 90s it’s interesting to see this style reinterpreted for the holiday season.  Lightweight, thin and very revealing, so if you’re going to pull this look off you will need to invest in proper seamless foundation wear.  Lines, pulls and snags will create a hot mess instead of an elegant expression.

#3 Fun Outerwear

Fur and velvet are two classic holiday embellishments you can’t go wrong with this time of year.  Whether it’s the real thing (or a faux option) is a matter of personal preference and price point.  There are some amazing faux fur options that would pass even the most discerning critique, and velvet can be found in a discount store as readily as a designer one.

#4 A Neutral Palette

Another way to stand out this season is to contrast the jewel-toned theme of the holidays.  Neutrals can sometimes come off as boring and take a backseat in your outfit, but when they are dressed up with a little texture or sheen suddenly they transform into the star.  This is the perfect way to give your LBD and black suit a break this year.


The holidays are stressful enough as it is so there’s no reason to compound it with wardrobe dilemmas.  These tips will help you break out of your normal holiday rut and stand out in your social media stream.

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