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May 31, 2016

Happy Holidays!

What’s that, you say? No major holidays for the next few months? Well, that’s exactly why now is the perfect time to let Goodwill help you save money and time! Money now, and time months from now, when you can sit cozily by the fire (or Jack-O-Lantern, Easter bush, or whatever) instead of standing in line with three hundred other people while synthesized renditions of “Silver Bells” or “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” drone endlessly over the wailing of unhappy kids and grumbling of impatient adults.

So I went shopping this morning, and here’s what I found:


Boom! Just inside the door I hit a double jackpot of almost-free holiday necessities. First, a giant bin of stick-on Christmas bows for ten cents per bag. That’s not per bow. That’s per bag, which is about a 90% discount off an item you’ll likely be buying in about half a year. True, they’re last year’s, but so are most of the gift-wrapping items bought before mid-December. A red bow is a red bow. Spend a dollar now, and you’ll have nine dollars to spend on that drink you will so desperately need after putting up the Christmas tree.

Not ten feet away from what I dubbed “Bowapalooza” was the second half of this dual find; Paas Easter Egg coloring kits for ten cents. (Apparently a dime will getcha quite a bit on the out-of-season holiday goods market). These were being sold for two dollars about six weeks ago, and blue food coloring and vinegar are unlikely to change their relationship between this year and next year. Spend ten cents now, and you’ll have $1.90 for those Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs you will so desperately need because they exist.

While Easter was still on my mind, I ran across this little gem for only seventy-five cents. It was in great shape, and looked new. By their very nature, all “Baby’s First…” items are single-use, so it’s likely this was stared at by its recipient for a few minutes, then abandoned for an infinitely more interesting set of jangling car keys or well-gnawed blankie. There was no original price tag, but I’m going to guess this was at least five dollars when new. If you anticipate giving an Easter gift to a new baby anytime soon, this would be a nicer (and less expensive) alternative to a paper gift bag.


As in real life, the time between Easter and Christmas flew by, and soon enough, I found a pair of Yuletide items, each priced at less than a dollar. (I was actually surprised that the glass cube was twenty-five cents less than the snowman bucket.) I can’t imagine the cube selling for less than ten dollars retail, and the bucket would cost at least five. For a dollar and a quarter today, however, they’re yours at Goodwill!
Of course, there are other holidays to be considered, and in that department Goodwill didn’t disappoint. After having so much fun exploring the many holiday items (the ones above are just a few of the goodies I found), I decided to see what I could find for a holiday that was neither Christmas nor Easter, and could be purchased for less than a dollar. I am happy to report that I walked out with not one, but two items, and with fifteen cents still in my pocket. A basic plastic Halloween pumpkin went for ten cents, and a heart-shaped Valentine’s candy dish for seventy-five cents. With a little soap and water, each is now indistinguishable from brand new.


So, whether you’re looking for a gift for your funny Valentine, some Halloween decorations, or any other major holiday accoutrements, take advantage of the off-season savings at Goodwill. It’s always a holiday there!