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December 10, 2012

Handmade Holiday: Christmas Deer, Christmas Cheer

On Friday, Abbie at Five Days…Five Ways posted a template for a deer head that she used for Christmas art. Inspiration! I decided to do my own take on it because a deer head + glitter= a whole lot of Christmas fun.

First, I printed and cut out the template and grabbed some leftover fabric from my stash. I think this would be a perfect use for a sheet, tablecloth, or clothing from Goodwill.

I traced the template onto the back of my fabric and cut it out.

Then, I used Mod Podge (gotta love that stuff) to paste it onto a small canvas.

After it had dried, I traced the deer with craft glue and poured gold glitter over the outline. Loads of fun! This is like being in Kindergarten again.

Then, I just shook the leftover glitter off.

This is a fun piece to decorate your house with or to gift to a friend! I would love if someone gifted me this. Look at all that glitter! I decided that I’m keeping mine. : )

Enjoying the Good Life,