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October 13, 2017

Halloween Comes Alive at Goodwill

What says Halloween more than a classic zombie costume? This costume runs the gamut – it can be gorey, playful, spooky, funny, or anywhere in between. Here’s a few tutorials to get you started as you create your own zombie costume this Halloween.



If you want the classic look, grab some pants and a shirt that you don’t mind ripping. Feeling playful? You can turn anything into a zombie! Take any costume (princess, show character, celebrity, inanimate object) and use this same process to give it the zombie look.


Kick your costume up a notch by creating a zombie arm! With this tutorial, you’ll give the illusion that your arm has been removed.


Now that you’ve got your clothes ready, you’ll want to grab some costume makeup to give yourself that living dead look. Here’s a great tutorial for adding scratches and bites to your costume.


Now you’re ready for trick-or-treating with the family or a party with friends in your customized Zombie ensemble.

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