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October 01, 2012

Guest Post: Kate from Broken and Beautiful

Today’s guest post is by Kate from Broken and Beautiful. There, she blogs about her relationship with God and her life as an Air Force wife, stay at home mom, and homemaker. I love reading about recipes she has tried and projects she is working on. And, I’m super impressed by the project she is sharing today! I know you will enjoy it as much as I did!


I am really excited to get better at sewing so that I can alter our clothes. My biggest problem is pant length and Josh’s biggest problem is t-shirts that fit in the shoulders but are baggy at the bottom.

I’ve been very scared to sew knit until I read about using a double needle. I bought a men’s t-shirt for myself at Goodwill to practice, and now I know how easy it is to alter a t-shirt! (except the sleeves… more on that later…)

I removed the pocket (because it was awkwardly low) and turned the shirt inside out. Then I laid a similar style shirt that fits me on top of it. (this way I could get the nice fitted shape instead of just making the straight sides smaller)

Then just trace and pin! I decided to do the sleeves too to make it more girly.

Then sew with a double needle and just cut the excess off! (no need to finish knit, yay)

As you can see in the picture, one of the sleeves likes to twist. I would like to blame my scoliosis crookedness, but I probably did something wrong with lining it up. This shirt had no seams on the sides so that made it a little trickier.


Thanks, Kate! I love to see projects that use t-shirts from Goodwill because that is one thing you are always guaranteed to find!

Have a great Monday! Happy October!

Enjoying the Good Life,