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July 14, 2014

Guest Post from Hannah KC Burton- Part 4

Hey y’all! I’m back with some of the final updates to our bathroom makeover series! If you want to catch up you can read about how we planned our makeover and painted here, how we painted our shower tile here, and how we updated our hardware and chose additional hardware here.

So right now the bathroom has some excellent gold additions but is definitely lacking color and general pizazz.



By this point in the bathroom refreshing project I do not have money left for art. So after feeling super inspired by the half a dozen flamingos I’ve pinned on Pinterest, I found an old frame that wasn’t being used and had my more artistic half (my husband) get to watercoloring!

My mood board that I have been working off of even had a flamingo print on it and I loved the wood elements that I incorporated weeks ago when I created it. So I was super happy when the only frame I found around the house happened to be a huge wood one!
Screen shot 2014-04-03 at 2.04.52 PMPainting is overwhelming to me. So I shot pictures of my husband (who definitely does not consider himself an artist) sketching and painting step-by-step in hopes that it would help those of us that are slightly less artistic pick up on a few tips and tricks for trying our hand at a watercolor print like this one…
He started out by pulling up a picture of a watercolored flamingo and very lightly sketched the outline as well as some of the defining features within the body and face



Next you paint! If you dampen the paper with a wet brush it helps lessen the boldness of your paint colors and gives you more control when blending.
Next he worked in small sections, starting at a point that was least overwhelming to him- the outline of the beak
Then he began adding in layers and shades of pinks. All he uses is a very inexpensive set of watercolor brushes and a $20 set of watercolor paints- no fancy supplies. Mix your white paint with the pinks and reds and oranges and mix those colors with each other as well. Experiment with scrap paper until you achieve some of the color formulas that look good to you!



Use paper towel to blot up color and water that is too heavy or watery.

And if you’re as awesome as my humble husband, you’ll end up with something like this



Here is another one I did really quickly for the bathroom. I was inspired by this pin but was looking for a way to pull more yellow in the room and reference the frame we have been working on for the mirror. I used Behr oil based paint in Lemon Zest and I love the way the oil based paint is so glossy on the paper, which you can’t see from this picture.



And here it is finished, framed in a Goodwill found frame and hung!

I love how you can see both pieces of art and all the updates from the living room through the mirror!



You can also see some of the storage/decorative things I added. I loved the idea of having quite a bit of wood in the bathroom to tone it down and also add texture. I found all of these pieces at Goodwill, with the exception of the dark wood lidded glass storage. That is Threshold from Target. I saved a ton of money by buying the frame, trashcan (which I believe used to be an umbrella holder) and glass storage container second-hand. For all of those things I lightly sanded them to help hide imperfections and then wiped them all down with some wood polish.

IMG 0290
Here is my final budget breakdown for the whole bathroom makeover!
Wall & Ceiling Paint: $46 (we already had painters tape, brushes, and rollers)
Gold Spray Paint: $0 (Amazon or Michaels but we already had this)
Shower paint & supplies: $40 (Amazon for the paint, respirators, and foam rollers)
Cabinet Hardware: $22 (Lee Valley Hardware)
Wall hardware: $0
Door hardware: $11 (Lowes)
Storage and frames: $18 (Goodwill & Target)
Shower curtain & bathmats: $76 (< Total splurge on the shower curtain. I had an impossible time finding a long-length curtain. Homegoods & Ballard Design)
Art: $0
Shower kit and sink kit: $200 (Lowes <we are able to use my husband’s military discount so this saved us 10%)
Total: $412
I think this is a lot of money to spend on a bathroom update (sans construction) but this was the first phase while we wait to save our money for a construction update. We would like to eventually replace the floor tile, shower tile, and countertop. We will still be able to use everything we did this go around for the 2nd phase except for obviously the shower tile paint as the shower tile would be ripped out.
If we already had paint (which we typically use already owned paint for updates like this) and we didn’t replace the shower hardware or sink hardware (many of you likely have pretty hardware in your bathrooms already), our total would be significantly less… $167 to be exact. We chose to splurge on a little now so that when we do phase 2 it will be a little less financially painful!
We went from this



to this!



I can’t believe it went from so dated to so fresh with just a little effort and elbow grease! Thanks for following along!

Thanks for reading!
Hannah K.C. Burton


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