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July 09, 2014

Guest Post from Hannah KC Burton- Part 3

Hey y’all! I’m back with the third installment of our bathroom makeover. You can checkout the planning and painting post here and then the post on painting shower tile here if you want to catch-up! If you asked me to tell you a random fact about me it would be that I love gold. Everything gold. I love gold foiling, gold spray paint, actual gold, gold animals, gold parties, bricks of gold etc. And to be honest, this house hasn’t really jumped on the gold/brass bandwagon in terms of home décor so it was high time I took care of that and this bathroom was the perfect place to start. If we are really being honest here (you did come here for truth, right?), I think gold in home décor is super trendy, as in won’t stick around for as long as my gold heart would like, so using it in a non-permanent way feels more safe to me (in my extremely non-professional decorator opinion). When I was choosing what finishes I wanted on all the hardware I knew I wanted to use gold but in a non-80’s way and in a non-permanent way- that meant unlacquered and not shiny as well as not using gold for the shower kit, sink hardware or door hardware. Those things are not easily changed and I wanted the door to match the other doors in the house. Pairing oil-rubbed bronze with gold seemed like a natural combination to me and when I combined them on my mood board I knew it would work.
Screen shot 2014-04-03 at 2.04.52 PM Remember in my first post when I said I wanted to redo this bathroom on a budget? Well, I’ll give you a budget breakdown at the end of this makeover series and spoiler alert: there were definitely some splurges and some saves, maybe more splurges than saves. But one of the biggest saves was reusing most of my hardware.
The hardware was looking like this
And now it’s looking like this
Here’s the good, the bad, and the gold on spray painting bathroom hardware…
So I saw this pin on pinterest and have been using this Design Master gold spray paint ever since (I have only found it at Michael’s). It does not disappoint in the craft arena but I hadn’t used it on a heavier duty project until this one. After removing all the hardware from the bathroom, I lightly sanded each piece with low grit sandpaper or steel wool if the piece was very circular and then wiped it all down with low odor/no VOC liquid deglosser.
I had a toothbrush holder, shower curtain rod, towel rod, toilet paper holder, and hand towel ring. I also decided to spray the shower curtain rings. They were really rusty and I didn’t think there was any way they would take and hold the paint well but I figured I had nothing to lose! For those, I did spend time cleaning them with baking soda + vinegar + toothbrush prior to painting them. I also had a new light fixture that I picked up at a big box store on clearance for $43 + an additional 20% because of a lighting sale they were having! Definitely couldn’t beat that price and I was totally sold on the fixture because of the opal glass shade. Since I knew I would be spraying the arm and base gold, I wanted to make sure the shade was modern and clean so the fixture didn’t look dated.
So after I prepped each piece, I jumped right in to spraying thin and even coats. I did 3 coats over the course of two days with one small touch up coat on places I hadn’t covered well.
Here are some of the pieces in progress
And here is how the toothbrush holder was looking after the 3 thin and even coats. Super smooth and I was LOVING the shade of gold- definitely not 80’s and too shiny.
So I installed all the pieces back in the bathroom and they lived happily ever after, right? Wrong. Within 24 hours they were all getting scratched and I was totally kicking myself for not using a metal primer first.
So I took everything back off, sprayed a touch up coat, and used my critter spray gun to spray and oil-based clear satin lacquer on everything. I let it dry for about 24 hours and then reinstalled it. Using the lacquer definitely changed the color and texture of the paint but I still love it! It looks slightly antique, which is great because the color is now a better match to the cabinet ring pulls from Lee Valley Hardware that I recently installed.
We also found a budget-friendly Pfister oil rubbed bronze shower kit from Home Depot as well as matching Pfister sink hardware. We easily replaced the hinges and handle on the door with oil rubbed bronze versions from Home Depot and suddenly things were looking very updated in the bathroom! See for yourself.






I’m loving the direction the bathroom is headed in but check back in as we add some color, DIY art, Goodwill finds, storage, and more textural elements! I’ll also do a budget breakdown and post pictures of the totally finished makeover!

Thanks for reading!
Hannah K.C. Burton

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