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July 02, 2014

Guest Post from Hannah KC Burton- Part 1

Hi y’all! My name is Hannah! I’m an RN living in Texas with my husband and I spend my free time spray painting everything gold. That is pretty much all you need to know about me. Kendra is graciously allowing me to hijack The Good Life for a few posts to share with you guys the bathroom redo my husband and I just tackled. This bathroom is super dark and gets virtually no natural light, as in, no window in it or even close to it. It’s also pretty small, so small I couldn’t ever get the whole bathroom in one shot with the camera. Add to that the yellowness coming from every surface of this space and you have a yellow jaundice bathroom for the win. Allow me to prove it:






I could have just painted the walls white and that would have been major improvement. However, the rest of this 6 bedroom/4 bathroom house has undergone a total professional down-to-the-studs renovation within the past 2 years so this bathroom hasn’t exactly matched the remainder of the house (this bathroom is upstairs and the remodel tackled the downstairs). Do you any of you love Young House Love as much as I do? I’ve learned a lot from John & Sherry about Phase I and Phase II projects. I anticipate this bathroom will get a much heavier duty Phase II renovation in the future but for this go around, I was looking for a high-impact Phase I makeover. 
So here is the to-do list that I have been working off of:
-Replace vanity light
-Replace shower, sink, and door hardware
-Replace cabinet hardware
-Paint cabinets
-Paint walls, trim, and ceiling
-Paint the shower tile
-Replace toilet seat and lid
-Update textiles (shower curtain, bath mats, towels)
-DIY art and/or decor of some kind
-DIY something eye catching around the mirror
Here are the pictures I’ve collected as inspiration. And by inspiration I truly mean inspiration, I cannot afford to put a $395 sconce in a rarely used bathroom. Or in a bathroom at all. Or in my house.
Screen shot 2014-04-03 at 2.04.52 PM
 Mirror, Color- BM Hale Navy,  Bath Mats, Shower kit, Waffle Weave Shower curtain, Flamingo print via Pinterest, Collage, Ring Pulls, Sconce, stool
Lets talk about paint colors. I love paint. I love talking about paint. I specifically love Benjamin Moore paint #paintsnob but really wanted to do this bathroom for as little cost as possible so I bought Behr Pure Ultra White in satin for the walls and ceiling and in semi-gloss for the trim and door. I wanted this room to have as much help as possible in the bright and white department so I intentionally chose to not have the paint tinted to any softer shade of white. I cut cost by using one finish on the walls and ceiling (instead of flat on the ceiling) and using one finish on the trim and door (instead of high gloss or a lacquer on the door). For the cabinetry I wanted something fun and a little moody. And transparency: I was too scared to not use Benjamin Moore paint. I knew I would only need a quart so it wouldn’t be too costly. I narrowed my selection down to Hale Navy, Narrangansett Green, and Newburg Green.
Benjamin Moore
I went with Hale Navy because the living room right outside the bathroom has light blue and navy tones and Hale Navy was a smoother transition.
Before we could get to the majority of our to-do list, including using the paint I had picked out, we had to prep. We totally emptied it, removed all the hardware, sanded the cabinets, and cleaned every square inch of the whole room. We had to putty the existing hardware holes on the cabinetry and sand those down really well also as our new hardware isn’t placed in the same spot and it has only one screw vs two. Next we just taped off what weren’t painting and got to work!
Here Karl is removing every last inch of cabinet hardware because we decided to paint the entirety of the cabinets, not just the fronts. We would have just painted the fronts if we had chosen to brush or roll them, however, we decided we would foam roll/brush the cabinet base and spray the cabinet fronts and drawers. This was 99% because I was gifted a Critter spray gun for Christmas and I’ve been chomping at the bit to try it. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint. If you need to be sold on it, read Jenny Komenda’s review, from Little Green Notebook. If you haven’t ever painted cabinets and you don’t own a spray gun, read John & Sherry’s tutorial over at Young House Love and you’ll feel super confident and ready to tackle your first cabinet painting job!
So back to painting, we used one coat of Kilz low odor/no VOC (about 1/2 a gallon) and two coats + touch ups of Behr low odor/no VOC Pure Ultra White (the whole gallon). The room looks insanely bigger and brighter and just so much more fresh. This white would be way too bright in a room with natural light in this house. Spoiler alert: I’m super happy with the untinted, virgin white and the cost saving of my finish choices. However, I did have to Kilz prime, do 2 coats of the Behr white and then a touch up coat. The cabinets only took about 1/2 a quart of paint that I diluted with about a tablespoon of water in the critter. And here the bathroom is looking magically and wonderfully better. Have I mentioned how much I love white? And I’m really happy with the Hale Navy. You can see a sneak peek of the next bathroom makeover post with that freshly painted tile peeking out!

So there you have our planning, prepping, and painting! Tune back in for a tutorial on how to paint (and not paint) shower tile, some fun DIY updates to bathroom hardware, and some after pictures!
Thanks for reading!
Hannah KC Burton