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January 14, 2015

Guest Post by The ReFashionista: Huzzah for Half-Off Day at The Goodwill Clearance Center!

Hello all and Happy 2015! If you’re like a lot of folks out there, you’ve made the resolution to spend less this year. A great way to achieve this goal is to buy used instead of new whenever you can.

Okay…I know…that isn’t exactly news, right? But I’m here to share a great way to save even more.

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite places to score uber-cheap refashionables for my blog, ReFashionista -as well as lots of other fun stuff – The Goodwill Clearance Center!

Goodwill stores are easy to find.  You almost certainly have one in your town.  Buuuuut…Goodwill Clearance Centers aren’t nearly as common. So, I’m a lucky gal to have one of these treasure troves so very close to me. Here’s a handy map that’ll help you find any outlets near you, as well as any regular Goodwill stores (Hint: If you live in Columbia or Greenville, you’re in luck!).


Note the complete and utter lack of racks or any sort of organizational system of any kind.  While your standard Goodwill store is nicely organized by color and garment/item type, there is no such system in place here. This is where all that stuff that didn’t sell in your normal Goodwill store goes for its last chance to find its way into your home.

Come in prepared to dig!

digOkaaaaay…so this is a slight exaggeration.

Here’s why it’s worth the effort: everything is around $1 a pound!  EXCEPT on Sundays, when everything is around FIFTY CENTS A POUND!!!!!  

Are you squeeling? You should be squeeling.

goodwill1Let’s Go!

Here’s how it works:

When you walk into the giant room of bins, you’re handed a small bin on wheels with a plastic bag inside. This is where you’ll put all your fun finds. From there, you dig. And dig. And dig. There are plenty of things you’ll find that won’t exactly leave you wondering why no one wanted them…

goodwill4I do love cozying up with a book…just not this one!

But you can also find some really great stuff! My favorite find to date is a beautiful Spanish leather yellow clutch purse, but I’ve also found really nice curtain panels, tablecloths, and all sorts of sweet clothes (including high-end/designer labels) for next to nothing. You just have to be willing to dig!

Goodlife2The search continues!

You’ll notice I’m wearing gloves. Don’t let this scare you! I’m the type of person who gets nervous digging into a bin of unknown things without some sort of a barrier. Most of the other folks I see there are totally glove-free. To each their own. When you’re done, the cashier weighs your cart and you pay for your purchases.

After an hour or so of intense rummaging, you might just leave with a big bag ‘o stuff!


This bag of clothes and a couple of books cost me less than $4! I have yet to find a better thrifty deal anywhere! I hope you’ll give your Goodwill Clearance Center a chance this Sunday. There are amazing deals just waiting for you to find them. Now, isn’t that exciting?

goodwill5Such as this little kid’s kimono I’m wearing as a light jacket (for less than 50 cents)!

Happy Thrifting!  🙂

Jillian Owens is a writer, designer, and eco-fashion revolutionary. A Columbia SC transplant, she graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BFA in Theatre and English. When she’s not gallivanting about, she’s busy refashioning ugly thrift store duds into fashionable frocks at or helping the underserved through her work in Community Impact at United Way of the Midlands. She writes a weekly column for MidlandsLife, is a contributor for The Free Times, and she reviews local


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