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March 26, 2014

Guest Post by DC Goodwill Fashionista: Help Your Wardrobe Recover from Winter Weather

If it wasn’t snowing, it was sleeting. If it wasn’t sleeting, it was raining. This winter was rough on us here in the DC area. Even if our spirits haven’t been dampened (the minute the sun comes out, I practically run outdoors!), our wardrobes are starting to feel the effects of this harsh winter.

Snow melts, but rock salt used on sidewalks and streets tends to stick around—and stick onto you.


To battle dry rock salt stains on your shoes, I’ve had luck with a solution of one part water and one part white vinegar. Dip a cotton ball or a clean rag into the solution and wipe it over the affected areas. After the shoes dry, you might need to give ‘em a second touch-up. I recommend this for leather and suede shoes. If your salt stains are fresh, just a damp cloth should help you remove them easily.

For vegan shoes, you can also try the vinegar solution. In a pinch, some glass cleaner or non-bleach kitchen cleaner will do.

Rock salt can also damage your clothing. If your pant cuff lands in a puddle or gets splashed by a passing car, you’ll want to rinse the affected area in cold water relatively quickly. If the stain sets in (say, all day at the office), let the affected area soak in some cold water for a few hours before it goes in the wash or to the cleaner’s.

Before I leave you to inspect your boots for salt stains, I’ll leave you with this reminder. When’s the last time you cleaned or conditioned your leather boots? During long winters, you may need to provide a touch-up with saddle soap or leather conditioner. Take good care of those boots, and they’ll last longer!


Thank you, so much, for the great advice! Be sure to visit DC Goodwill Fashionista!


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