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June 11, 2015

DIY Magnetic Memo Board by Sadie Seasongoods

This is the perfect project for an old cookie sheet from Goodwill! Turn it into a magnetic memo board to keep in your kitchen, home office, or anyplace you need to get notes, reminders, and cards handy!

Step 1: Clean your thrifted cookie sheet and spray paint in the color of your choice.


Step 2: To add an extra pop of color, use an adhesive such as Mod-Podge to attach a rectangle of fabric to the body of the painted cookie sheet. I used a snippet of thrifted bed sheet fabric!



Step 3: Allow to dry overnight. To protect your paint from chipping, I suggest giving the entire thing a coat of clear sealant/enamel, but this isn’t a critical step.


Step 4: Prop your sheet against the wall or hang using wire. Then keep business cards, phone numbers, recipes, and reminders handy and up front…in a very stylish, upcycled way!


Sadie Seasongoods is a upcycling blog that focuses on repurposing vintage treasures and thrifted finds. She lives in Greenville, SC and absolutely loves visiting her local Goodwill stores periodically each week!

* * *

Thank you for sharing! I absolutely love this project! I love to see ordinary items re-purposed in a funky new way!