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June 10, 2015

Guest Post by Knee Deep in Lovely

Lots of things are happening here. It’s getting warm and I’m getting huge(r).

On this particular gorgeous day  I was super thankful that a couple months ago I fell into the Gap and bought these maternity shorts for 17 blessed dollars. (All maternity was 40% off!) I know Gap can be boring (I love how they totally own it with their “Dress Normal” campaign), but there is a place for that. These shorts are an awesome length, and I don’t feel too “momish” or too “forever 21” in them. (Good gosh, I sound like a thirty year old!)

I was also super thankful that day was about 75 degrees and I got to wander around a newly vamped Madison Square Park.  (Never mind that today is grey and 59. Bah.)





brit5I mean, you really can’t beat those views and maybe not even those flowers. New York has redeemed itself for it’s  rotten miserable winter. I’m pretty sure it’s the best city. But I’m totally biased.

Can I also say that I got this shirt (also Gap) from a Goodwill processing center for about eighty cents. (They charge per pound.) Ha! I also lucked out and found some maternity jeans there!

* * *

Thanks for sharing, Brittany! I love how you combined Goodwill pieces into your maternity wardrobe!

Brittany blogs at Knee Deep in Lovely! Go check out her savvy style and fantastic hair and makeup tutorials!


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