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August 22, 2012

Guest Post by Disney from Ruffles and Stuff

Hi friends! It’s an honor to be back at the Good Life Blog!
When Kendra asked me to guest post, I went through my archives to find something that you thrifty shoppers could make from one of your awesome finds. And if there is one thing that a thrift store has a lot of, it’s t-shirts! I love to sift through the racks and laugh at some of the hilarious (and sometimes super-nostalgic) graphics to find something perfect to wear or make T-shirt pillows out of. Another thing I like to make out of them are T-shirt aprons! Which is what I’d love to share with you all today.

Since there is a T-shirt for every style and personality, that means there can be an apron for it, too!
And for some of us…..we need all the help we can get making dinner preparation a little more exciting! :o)

These aprons are really quick and easy to make!

As a rule, the larger the shirt, the better. But-if you find the perfect shirt in a smaller size-no problem! Just use coordinating knits from your stash, or another shirt, for the straps or ruffle. You can also make the apron larger by using a coordinating knit to make a larger rectangle for the “background” of the skirt image.

1. Cut the front design out in a large rectangle from sleeve inseam to sleeve inseam, and from under the neck to the bottom of the shirt:2. Fold the bottom of the shirt up until it’s right under the design, then fold the hem down for a more finished look. Sew into four even sections, with the end section sewn into two for spoon slots.

3. Using the back of your shirt, cut 6 strips, 2.5″ x 24″:4. Then sew three strips together into one, and repeat for the other three.

You should have two long snakes like this:

5. Put them on top of each other with wrong sides facing and seams matched, pin, and stitch allllll the way around to make your apron waistband/ties.

6. Then pin your apron skirt to the back in the center, and sew on!

All done!

To add ruffles, like this one, cut a 3″ strip that is 1.5 times the length of your apron skirt’s hemline. Sew with a straight stitch on the longest length, and pull one thread to gather. Then sew the front of the apron’s hemline!

You could use any shirt you love, or go with a kitchen-themed shirt!

11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
And you can even go to places like Zazzle and design your own t-shirt to buy, so you can personalize it however you want! (which is really addicting, by the way….) Tons of possibilities!

I hope you enjoy the tutorial. And thank you so much for having me, Kendra! Have a wonderful day, everyone!



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