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February 20, 2015

Guest Post by DC Goodwill Fashionista: My Favorite Thing (From Goodwill): Cole Haan Loafers

There are few things that excite me when I’m Goodwill shopping like spotting a pair of designer shoes. Honestly, my favorite Goodwill finds are almost always shoes. Why is that? Well, besides the fact that I have an self-diagnosed shoe addiction, I really believe that my Goodwill shoes are the best value of all my finds. If you aren’t quite buying that, check out my latest favorite designer score. The numbers don’t lie, here.

I was moseying around the Columbia Pike Goodwill Store last week, filling my cart with all winter everything. As I pulled up to checkout counter, I spotted something that made my heart flutter. A new rack of Boutique shoe finds. If you’re a Goodwill shopper, you know that the Boutique section is reserved for designer goods – they’re put together on special racks, making it easy for customers to find higher designers within the stores. Well, let’s just say, I spotted a few things that I had to slip my foot in.


The first, this lovely Jimmy Choo sandal. It was a two inch silver wedge; petite and perfect for so many occasions. I really tried my hardest to get my eight and a half foot into it’s narrow size eight. I was unsuccessful. I wanted to cry; they were only $29 and were brand new (like never ever ever been worn!). But, alas, I have committed to taking care of my feet and squeezing them into shoes that are too small is something I am working on. I left them for the next fashionista, with a narrow size eight, to give a loving home to. If you found them, please send me a pic!

Anyways, after my Jimmy Choo defeat, I struck what one could absolutely consider equal gold on this boutique shoe rack. A brand new (also like never ever ever worn!) pair of Cole Haan loafers complete with Nike Air technology. They’re a fabulous color blocked style; a mix of green and navy give a fun spin on a classic style. Have you ever tried out a pair of Cole Haan’s with this said Nike Air technology? The best I can describe it, dear readers, would be something like walking on your best memory foam pillow. These loafers are so incredibly comfortable. They were marked down to $24.98 and I recieved 25% off because Columbia Pike has amazing sales! So, that comes out to $18.73 for the pair. As I was checking out, I surfed Cole Haan loafer prices online and realized this was a steal! They retail for $198.00.


And that, dear readers, is why my favorite shoe store is Goodwill!