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March 28, 2017

Grab the Grab Bag

Every time I go into Goodwill I am always surprised at the stuff people donate. Of course I am not complaining, I’m just always taken aback. I have learned some Goodwill stores have created partnerships with local business to sell some of their unsold items.


My local Goodwill partners with a few interior design businesses and sells bolts of designer fabric and sometimes wallpaper! I have a whole stock of Ralph Lauren wallpaper from Goodwill. I always buy designer fabric remnants from Goodwill when I see something I like. High-end fabrics can cost a lot, but when you buy the last little bit it’s almost 90% cheaper!

Fabric remnants are good for quilting, scrapbooking and (my personal favorite) pillow making!

I like nice luxurious pillows, so I tend to have them custom made when I can’t find exactly what I like. When I find a few remnants from Goodwill, it’s a score because just a little can go a long way.


This is my living room at night, hence the laptop on the floor (lol). The gold pillows have a plaid backing and both pieces of fabric were found at Goodwill a few years back, in a grab bag full of random pieces. When I spotted them I threw them right into my buggy because I knew I would use them eventually.

What I like about finding grab bags of fabric is that it’s like getting a custom look without paying the custom price. These two pillows cost less than $5 to make and they make such an amazing statement in my living room.


Growing up, my mother went to fabric stores every weekend and she took my sister and me with her, so I have fond memories of perusing aisles of fabric. When I come across beautiful fabrics from Goodwill it’s all nostalgic for me.

Did you know some Goodwill stores carry fabric?

What do you do with fabric remnants you pick up from the thrift store?