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August 29, 2011

Goodwill Roundup: Favorite Finds

Can you believe that August has almost come to an end? It has definitely been a fun first month and I have so much more planned that I can hardly wait to share with you! Right now, it’s time for another roundup of my favorite finds.

I found this horse a few weeks ago and it was love at first sight. I have no idea why, I guess the heart just knows. I think I payed around $2.00.

A little dab of gray paint…

He is resting nicely above my doorway. I think, visually, he’s a happy little surprise to those who glance his way.

I found a globe for about $3.50. I’ve been seeing globes slapped all over the blogosphere, so I was pumped to snag one! It’s a little outdated, so I won’t rely on it for accuracy–just aesthetics.

Let’s pause and talk about how unbelievably excited I am about this next find. If anyone saw a crazy lady loading her cart with candlesticks…um, that was me. I have been wanting some for quite a while and even in discount stores they are pricey. At Goodwill, these ranged from about $1.50-$2.50–seriously, a huge fraction of what I have seen them priced elsewhere.

After a little cleaning and scraping of wax, they were as good as new.

This little bowl was in a “half off” cart for $.60! How had no one snagged it, yet??! I think it would be perfect on a nightstand to drop your jewelry in, or on a side table for keys, change, etc.

Totally unrelated– look what my friend and I just finished in my hall! It took 3 sessions together and quite a few hours, but it was totally, totally worth it.

I traced it with a stencil that I found on Jones Design Company and then we just painted it a creamy white and outlined it in gold. I think it needs a gold, sunburst mirror. Any votes? Yay, nay?

Have a great week, friends!

Enjoying the Good Life,



  1. LOVE!!! And yes a mirror would look FAB!!

    • goodwillsc

      Thanks, Jessica!

  2. The wall is awesome! And the horse does make me smile. : )

    • goodwillsc

      I know, right? Thanks, painting buddy!

  3. how beautiful! I love how you outlined it in gold {must have taken FOREVER!}. And, yes, to a starburst mirror.

    • goodwillsc

      Thanks, Emily! It did take quite a while, but it was worth every minute! Thank you for the template!!

  4. Talk about patience! And I do think that a mirror would look great.

    • goodwillsc

      I vote “yes”, as well. Thanks!

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  6. UMM….YES on the sunburst mirror. I totally did this same stencil project on my french doors in my living room. Such a great, easy (time-consuming) project!

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