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February 01, 2017

Goodwill is Fab for Fabric

One of the great things thrifting is that it opens your mind and expands your creativity.

If I’m not finding unique clothing items at Goodwill, I’m making them. I love having pieces in my wardrobe that no one else does. Sometimes I don’t find the exact fabric I want at craft stores or the fabric may cost more than I’m willing to spend. I’ve had to expand my search (and mind).

I have a knack for taking household items and accessories and turning them into clothing. A friend of mine who sells vintage items had a gorgeous tablecloth she was using in her booth. I told her I wanted to buy it from her to make some pants.


That same friend had a vintage plaid blanket.


One moment, my sons and husband were using it for warmth and comfort. The next time they saw it, I was wearing it.



As soon as I saw this blanket, I knew it would be my new coat.


The blanket before it became acquainted with my scissors.

The pattern on the blanket reminded me of Pendleton’s Rio Rancho pattern.

This fabric costs $84 per yard!

This fabric costs $84 per yard!

While the blanket was great as-is, it is quite fabulous as a coat (or maybe that’s just my ego talking).



I’m always checking the household section when I’m at Goodwill and I suggest you do the same! You can get so much fabric for your next project and at a fraction of what it would cost at the craft store.

Have you made any garments from items meant for the household?