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October 24, 2011

Goodwill Hunting: Take 2

In my last Goodwill Hunting post, I talked about looking beyond the initial condition of an item and seeing what you could create. Let’s do it again, my friends. Goodwill shopping and up-cycling is a great way to spend an afternoon and, if you let yourself be inspired, the possibilities seem endless.

I bought these on a recent shopping trip. They are definitely vintage and, because of that, I wouldn’t change anything about them. Surprised? I know. Usually, I am all about paint, but these feel perfect as they are. Can’t you see them in a kitchen? Yum…

Initially, this table makes me want to say “woof”. But, if you painted the bottom a fun color and the top black or gray, it just might pop. You could take a pretty ugly piece of furniture and create a statement piece for your bedroom or living room.

Candlesticks–always a good find. I bought these and I have plans to spruce them up. Pictures to come!

Maybe I’m weird, but I love this. If it were mine, I would paint it a bright color (or maybe a plumby purple) and slap it on my wall.

This mirror was about $10.00, which is a great price. You could prime and paint it and it would be a great addition to your home. This is the type of thing I like to look for at Goodwill. With a large mirror, $10.00 goes a long way. I would put it above a fireplace, dresser, in an entryway, etc.

This made it to the “half off” week. Don’t ask me how. How did no one else love it as much as me? I’m glad they didn’t because I bought it. I have a photo booth film strip of me and my husband that I recently decided to frame. I think I’ll put some scrapbook paper behind the film strip to punch it up a bit and to take up the extra space–2 for 1. Perfect-o!

This can go on the list of “IwishIwouldhaveboughtit”. $6.00. A steal.

There you have it! I hope it gets your wheels turning. Minus the pictures of fruit, I found all of these in one afternoon. I would love to see what you are finding on your shopping trips! Last time I was in Goodwill, a girl with a tray in hand told me that she was painting the inside of the tray with chalkboard paint and hanging it on her wall. Creative! If you have pictures to share, send them my way! I adore shared inspiration.

Enjoying the Good Life,