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February 27, 2017

Goodwill Games

“Yeah, we tease him a lot, but we got him on the spot. Welcome back!
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back…”
-Opening title, “Welcome Back, Kotter”.


It’s been a while since either of us has written, but we’ve been rather busy, you see. My lovely bride, Laurel Posey, has been battling breast cancer since August, and well…we’ve been rather busy. Things are looking very good, and her prognosis is most encouraging, but that’s her story to tell, which I imagine she will do before too long.


In the meantime, yours faithfully has an update for those who enjoy board games.

They can be found in great abundance for next-to-nothing at Goodwill. Laurel and I both love games, so I thought it might be fun to pick a figure (I chose $10) and see what games I could acquire. Yes, I saw a few “no, thanks” options before striking gold.


At first, I thought this might be a Star Wars game of some sort, then realized it was just another creative way to make your dog hate you in late October. Whatever a “Head Stuffed Tunic” is sounds disturbing. Without the price tag, it would have said “Head And Stuffed Tunic”, which may be even more so.

Once I realized the games were on the other side of the shelf from the Halloween decorations, I noticed a somewhat competitive attitude between holidays of recent past…


Sure, Mickey looks all smiles and welcoming up front…


Sure, Mickey looks all smiles and welcoming up front… …but behind his back, it’s like “What? Christmas? You’re freakin dead to me…

Once the turf war over late-year supremacy cooled, I came across one eeeh, maybe not.


…and then I struck gold.


As the missus and I both love trivia (and food) these prizes were doubly valuable.

For the total combined price of $7.50, I walked out of my local Goodwill with two games in great condition, containing all the pieces, and in the original packaging. Not bad when compared with $25-$30 or more for a brand new game.


So far, Laurel has beaten me three games out of four in Trivial Pursuit, but this may be the week we break out Foodie Fight.


So, if you enjoy board games and bargains, check out the toy section at Goodwill!

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