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October 11, 2016

Goodwill Bragging

Ever see a meme that just speaks to you? Fellow Good Life Blogger and Upcycling Extraordinaire Sadie tagged me on one and it sums up my excitement for a great Goodwill find:


It amazes me how people still turn their noses up at thrift stores, or are surprised at what one can find in them.

Inexpensive does not equal cheap.

While the above meme is referring to the happiness expressed over getting a dress for a low price, I apply it to other items I’ve scored at Goodwill. Some I have shared on this blog.

I went to Goodwill one day last week not looking for anything in particular; just hoping to get out of a rut. A little retail thrifting therapy. After browsing all the shelves I came across a bag of sewing odds and ends. The price was right, so I put it in my cart.


Once I got home and opened the bag, I was very pleased with my purchase. The contents of the bag were much more valuable than the asking price (under $4)! Plus, there are so many possibilities for future projects.


There’s always a project that requires buttons. In fact, I am making cardigans for my boys (for Picture Day) and those white buttons will come in handy.

Rick Racks, bias tape, and zippers are great for finishing off garments.


And it’s always fun to discover a few random items: different needles (that were held in old Lipton Tea Bags boxes; very interesting choice for storage), a thimble and spools. There was also a piece of stone in the bag. I’m assuming it was used to sharpen needles.


What’s an item you got from Goodwill that was of much higher value than the asking price?