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January 28, 2013

Goodwill at Work: A Hand Up

Here’s something we haven’t talked about: A lot of people think that Goodwill is no more than a store front–a place to donate and buy used clothing and housewares. Not so, my friends. (But, that is an awesome part of the organization!) Goodwill Industries helps put people back to work. In their words, “Goodwill is a private not-for-profit organization committed to helping people become independent through education and training leading to employment.”

Here are a few stats for our area:

-92 cents of every dollar spent goes to their mission

-Last year, Goodwill helped 38,892 people through job training & placement services

-5 career training programs offered: certifies nurse aide, food service, manufacturing, retail, and call center

-In the past year, Goodwill placed 7,282 people into employment

(All quotes and stats are from

Guys, that’s crazy good. I’m genuinely proud of Goodwill and all that they are doing to improve the lives of others.

So, next time you donate, remember–your donation goes towards putting people back to work in your area. You are making a difference, right in your home town, just by cleaning out your closet and dropping it by a Goodwill.

Spread the word. Made a difference. Give it good.

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