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May 01, 2013

Going Bananas and a Fun Reader Find

I ran in the grocery store, yesterday, to pick up a few things and I only took my keys and my card in with me. As often happens, “a few things” turned into half a cart full and, sometime towards the end of my shopping trip, I suddenly realized that I wasn’t holding my card anymore. A credit card, people. Do you know how hard that could possibly be to find? I asked an employee, asked customer service, and started retracing my steps. Guys, I was almost crying trying to imagine all the places I could have set it down without thinking. It’s flat–it could have been on a shelf anywhere. Or in the freezer section? Oh my.

I found it in the bananas. For realz.

I must have set it down when I went to separate a bunch (Do you do that? I don’t need 7 bananas, just 3.). I’m so, so thankful I found it and found it quickly. But, y’all–that adds a whole new meaning to “going bananas”.

Moving on.

Alicia send me these pictures of her most recent amazing Goodwill purchase. As you may remember from her kitchen tour, Alicia is a serious Goodwill shopper, but this one takes the cake.



$5.99, my friends. What?! So cool.

Happy Wednesday (Happy May!)!

Enjoying the Good Life,