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September 07, 2016

Go And Go Often

Now that my apartment is almost completely decorated, I don’t look for furniture for myself anymore. However, I do pop into Goodwill on behalf of my design clients to see if there is something unique I can purchase for their space. I often find great lamps, glass vases and even remnants of fabrics that I can transform into something that works for me. Although thrifting has become more competitive over the years with so many people searching for great deals, there are still amazing finds waiting to be snatched up. You just have to keep looking.

Everyone is on a different budget. Everyone is looking for something different and most everyone will stop into Goodwill.

I think a lot of people forget the first step in trying to score a good deal: Go regularly. You don’t know what is there if you don’t go.

As with most avid bloggers who thrift, something I hear a lot is “Thrift store prices have gone up”. I agree. Yes, Prices have gone up in most thrift stores, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t score a good deal if you are diligent in your pursuit.

The other week, I was sitting at home contemplating whether I wanted to go to Goodwill. I knew I didn’t need anything in particular, but maybe I would find something I could use as an accessory in my home. I delayed going, but eventually I went.

When I walked in, I saw this beautiful Thomasville sofa. As you can see there is a SOLD tag attached to it. While I wasn’t looking for a sofa, if I was this one would have gone home with me. The great thing about this sofa was that it was $89.99! A quality sofa at Goodwill for less than $100 may seem rare, but if you don’t thrift often, you will never know what is in store.


Two people can walk into the same store and be attracted to totally different things. Such is the case with this settee.


This settee would look great in a dressing room, or perhaps in an entryway. Although many people would love this piece, I walked past it. Why? Well it’s not my style. Even though it was only $15, I still would not have bought it. You heard that absolutely correctly. It was only $15! For the right person this is a score, for someone who is not interested in it, it is simply another piece of furniture at Goodwill.

I have been actively thrifting since middle school and can honestly say the thrift environment of thrift stores has changed dramatically. However, there are still great things to find. That’s why you should try to thrift as often as you can. You never know when a $15 velvet settee you’ll love may be waiting on you!

What was your latest surprising find at Goodwill?

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