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February 18, 2013

Getting to Know You… (A quick survey!)

I’ve been writing this blog for a year and a half and I’ve decided that now I want to know about you.

So, I put together this little survey so I can learn about you and what you enjoy about The Good Life blog/what you would like to see more of. It’s super quick, just six questions. And, it would totally make my day if you would take it.

Take the survey here!

Since you are showing me a little love by taking the survey, I thought I would reciprocate in the form of a recipe. Nutella brownies, perhaps? I know that I had you at “Nutella”…

1 cup of Nutella (or off-brand)
10 Tbsp. of flour
2 eggs
Bake at 350 for 30 minutes and…enjoy!

My Mr. says they were dry, but I loved them. Like, maybe my favorite brownies ever.

So, thank you for taking the survey and as far as the recipe goes…you’re welcome.

Enjoying the Good Life,


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