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August 22, 2016

Getting Back to School Ready with Goodwill

Both of my boys will be in school this year and I’m feeling the need to get as organized as possible more than ever (I spoke a little on that here). In part of getting my act together, Goodwill was (and will continue to be) part of the equation.

New school year = New clothes

I dedicated one afternoon to going through all their clothes. I had three piles: school clothes, home/play clothes, and Goodwill donations.

Dropping off my donation. There will be more!

Dropping off my donation. There will be more!

School clothes earned their status by being recently bought or barely used. A few months ago, I was given a huge bag of clothes from a friend and my son is just now able to fit most of them so to us they are “new”. Home/play clothes are pieces that have faded a bit over time but still wearable; perfect for them to change into when they get home from school.

Random question: Are any of you parents out there sticklers for making your children change their clothes when they get home? My mom was (during my elementary school days), and a few times she questioned why my son would still be in his school clothes.

My Goodwill donations were made up of clothes that no longer fit either of the boys.

This is a great time to look through toys and add them to the donation pile. Once school starts, they won’t have as much playtime as they did during the summer. Plus, Christmas will be here soon, bringing in new toys. Get a jumpstart on getting rid of old toys that no longer hold their interest. If your children are like mine and all of a sudden love every single toy that you’re about to get rid of, do it while they’re in school.

Of course I couldn’t just drop off a bag and not check out what was inside the store!


Lots of new clothes & shoes that won't break the bank!

Lots of new clothes & shoes that won’t break the bank!




Have a child learning about anatomy? These models would be perfect for studying at home!

What ways are you using Goodwill to help you get your kids ready to go back to school?

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