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November 25, 2014

I #gaveitgood by donating my first blog project…

This week, I donated the coffee table that I bought at Goodwill and flipped in my very first project for this blog. (#memories) It’s been such a good table to us and when I thought about getting rid of it, I would get a little sentimental and think that maybe I should hang onto it. But, it wasn’t serving it’s purpose for us anymore and the point of donating is to share with others who can use it, right? So, off it to Goodwill, once again.


I also donated The Upcycled Chair. It’s cute, I know, but I just don’t need it. Sometimes, we need to pare down the items in our homes in order to live cleaner/less cluttered lives. Sometimes, I just look around and think, “What can I donate?”


So, I’d love to know what you are donating! If you take an item/items/a truck load to Goodwill, would you tag me with the hashtag #gaveitgood? My Instagram is @goodwill_sc and you should follow along!

Enjoying the Good Life,


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