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August 13, 2015

From Nature Atlas to Wall Art

Who’s got two thumbs, some tools, and feels the need to upcycle? This girl! Hi, everyone, I’m Sadie Seasongoods – your go-to gal for all things repurposed using thrifted finds and vintage treasures!


One of my favorite sections in my local Goodwill store is the book area. Surprised? Well, I’m a big fan of creating one-of-kind wall art using images and illustrations from old, vintage books. And I am always looking for worn-out encyclopedias, atlases, gardening guides, and other photo-filled books because they often contain lovely photos and images within their pages.

For instance, take this book. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, does it?

But when I cracked it open, it was full of gorgeous illustrations. And since the book was published in 1952, the pictures had fantastic vintage charm.


I knew I wanted to frame some of the pictures, but they were pretty small…so I hit Goodwill’s picture frame section and found the *PERFECT* match – a wall album frame. AND IT WAS BRAND NEW!


A couple of dollars and a short drive later, I dug out my craft supplies – scissors and clear tape! – and got to work.

I removed the cardboard backing, photo divider, and glass from the wooden frame. The front of the photo divider was cream with each opening lined in gold- not exactly my favorite look. So what did I do?

Flipped it over. And the other side was fresh, clean, and bright white! So, I selected some images from my falling-apart thrifted nature atlas, cut them out one by one, and taped them to the photo divider.


I mean, really – how awesome is that? It looks completely new and different, right?

After the images were ready, I wiped down the wood frame and gave it a couple of quick coats of spray paint in a coordinating shade. I let it sit overnight to dry completely, and then reassembled the frame.


I just love it! It doesn’t even look like the same frame…and I’m so excited to show off images from that neglected old book! For just a couple of dollars, I’ve refashioned my thrifted finds into a unique, personal treasure for my home. Pardon me while I seek out a few more of those frames…

Craft on!