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May 01, 2017

From Dusty to Trusty Closet Organization

Closet organization is one of those things that I always *mean* to do, but never actually get around to doing – can anyone else relate? With that in mind, I was recently perusing the furniture section of my favorite Goodwill store and spotted a dusty old metal wire rack.I think it was meant to be used for towels, but I thought it would be great as an accessories organizer, for my scarves, some handbags, and belts!


It wasn’t wobbly and all of the rungs were still solidly attached- but some of the black paint was flaking off and the bottom shelf was positively draped in spider webs! It really just needed a good cleaning…perhaps a little wire brush action to smooth off the flaked paint in spots…and, of course, a splashy paint job!


While the teal paint dried, I decided that I could add a few extra hooks here and there to accommodate larger bags on all four sides of the rack! So, I purchased some large “S” hooks from the hardware store and took the completely frivolous step of spray painting them gold.


See, isn’t that perfect? I’ll be able to hang wider handles or multiple belt buckles on the hooks! And, well, I also just love a turquoise/gold combo, but maybe that’s just me.


Then, I just needed to assemble it into an organization station. I layered on various accessories- which are really the problem children of my closet, after all. Folded scarves and ribbon belts over the wire rungs, handbags hanging on end knobs and gold hooks, and clutch purses laying on the bottom shelf. This will sit nicely in the corner of my closet and will keep my accessories in check!


I could actually use another one (or maybe two or three!) of these, so if you happen to see one during your next thrifting adventure, could you let me know? They really do come in handy!

Craft on!