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January 05, 2012

Fresh Page

Something about the new year makes me want to get my home in ship shape–forgive the indiscretions of an unorganized past and start out on the right foot. It’s not that my house looks messy, it’s that I have clothes that need to be sorted through, a desk with envelopes that I’m sure don’t have matching cards, hair products cluttering my bathroom that I never use, etc. I want it clean. Fresh page.

So far, I have picked-up, rearranged, and spruced up my guest room. It looks 10x better. I bought a few new laundry baskets because I am on the war-path for catching up on laundry and I still want to organize my crazy laundry nook. My family got me some laundry room art for Christmas (do they know me or what?), so I’m excited about putting that up. But, not until the laundry is finished and I have that space organized. Fresh page.

Here’s my “to-do”:

1.Clean out closets and drawers (donate un-used clothing)

2.Clean out pantry

3.Get caught up on laundry and stay caught up (welcome to one of my resolutions)

4.Clean and organize our desk

5.Organize the bathroom

When I write it down, it doesn’t seem half as intimidating as it did in my head. So…do you have any suggestions or tips to pass along? Advice is welcome!

Enjoying the Good Life,