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July 30, 2012

Form and Function

I found these two lamps at Goodwill…

Typically, when you look for a pair of lamps, you expect them to match. When I saw these two, I was surprised–they are exactly the same in form, but different colors. The thing is, color can be remedied! As long as they have the same shape, we’re good to go.

I gave them a spray of gray primer. Sometimes, gray covers a little better than white.

Oh look, you guys are starting to match already. : )

Then, I sprayed them with Krylon “Raspberry” in gloss. I started with one thin coat, let it dry, and went back to spray it again. The second time, I held the can too close and it caused drips. Lesson learned. When you are spray painting, patience is a virtue and it’s better to do several thin layers than to rush it.

I think they’re fun and could add a pop of color to a bedroom or living room.

Moral of the story? It’s good to look beyond the surface of something when you are thrifting. Try to imagine what you can do with an item, rather than what it already is.

Enjoying the Good Life,