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October 17, 2011

Fixture Eyes on This

I live in an older home with pretty outdated light fixtures. Little by little, we have been replacing them with lighting that is a little more our style. Side note: Three of our rooms didn’t have overhead lighting when we bought the house. And, we didn’t even know it until after we bought our home, had the electricity cut on and realized..ahem…there are no lights. Thanks to an electrician (who had a mouth that would make a sailor blush) and a very handy husband, we are now living it up with lighting, 2011 style.

The other day in Goodwill, I came across this sweet piece of fixture.

I’ve been wanting a metal chandelier, but I like that this one has a globe that will soften the lighting.



Bam! I love it. The bright navy adds a whole new flavor flav to this light fixture. You get a little sneak at my living room, too.

Here’s an up-close to give you a good idea of the true color.

Like it? Love it?

In other news, drumroll, please……Kristen is the winner of the Loft cardigan giveaway! I used a random generator and she was the lucky reader. Congrats, Kristen! The giveaway was a lot of fun and I plan to do more in the future.

Have a happy Monday!

Enjoying the Good Life,