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December 21, 2017

Find Great Specialty Pans at Goodwill

It seems like a lot of people are aspirational muffin, cupcake, and doughnut makers.

That is to say, there are a lot of pans for these things to be found on the shelves at Goodwill. But some of these pans should not be used for food. Before getting excited about a pan, pick it up to make sure it has a good, solid weight in your hand.

It it feels floppy or thin, put it back. Check for signs of rust, or cracks, dents, and scratched in the finish – we don’t want those either. Finally, lay it on a flat shelf and make sure than the pan lays flush with the shelf and that it isn’t warped up at any odd angles.

Once you’ve determined that the pan passes the goodness test, it’s still going to need a thorough washing. The nicer pans can handle a good scrubbing with hot water and soap, maybe twice. The ones that look like they need a little more attention, especially if they appear to have baked on cooking spray hanging out on the surface, those can most likely still be salvaged.

These directions that involve the oven, baking soda, hot water, and elbow grease get the stains lifted off and the pan ready for the real action – baking!

After going through all of that effort, it’s time to reward yourself. If you got a muffin tin, you can still make these but your results may vary and I can’t guarantee gorgeous little rings.

A piping bag will help whether you have the doughnut pan or not. If your searching has paid off in the form of a mini doughnut pan, let’s make some Christmasy mini doughnuts! Or feel free to adjust the colors and sprinkles for any other holiday… or Tuesday.

This great recipe from Kitchen Dreaming made 36 mini doughnuts, and the glaze recipe, which I split in half to make both green and red, yielded the perfect amount for dipping the doughnuts in a shallow bowl. If you’re using sprinkles, put them on immediately after you dip and place the doughnuts

right side up on a plate or cutting board. I recommend using one with a raised lip to catch any wayward sprinkles.

Once the pan has cooled, wash it again with soap and hot water and you’re now the proud owner of a very clean, very thrifted pan specialty pan!

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