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December 27, 2016

Festive New Year’s Eve Looks for Less

New Year’s Eve is probably the happiest, most optimistic night of the year!

It’s a time to bid adieu to the problems; struggles and issues of last year and look ahead to a new year full of possibility and hope. Ringing in the New Year also means looking good in a ‘dressy’ outfit, but that doesn’t mean you have to break your budget to do it.

Party looks come in all shapes and sizes, but if you are looking to wear your pieces other than one night, here are a few tips you should follow:





K.I.S.S. Keep it seriously simple.

Black suits get a bad wrap for being boring and over powering, but they are ideal for a night event. Not only will the dark color mask any food or drink spills, you can get plenty of wear out of the separate pieces all year long. Everyone should have a pair of black dress pants at their disposal because not only can you style them in endless ways, they make getting dressed easy when you’re short on time.

Nothing dresses up a look like a rich, saturated color.

I chose burgundy and maroon because it’s a seasonal color that you can actually wear all winter without any problems. Swapping out a sweater for a traditional button-up shirt lightens up the severity of a full black suit, while pairing the pants with a statement blazer is more glamorous.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Who says comfortable shoes have to be ugly? Loafers are probably the most comfortable shoe you can wear, and you can find them in either casual or dressy options. Traditional leather loafers give you an understated elegance that works just a well with jeans, while patent leather ones are little more flashy, but a great way to add your signature to a look.

Skip the bag.

Parties, crowds, cocktails and dancing are just a few reasons you shouldn’t worry about keeping up with a bag. There are just too many places to lose it. Instead use the inner pockets of your blazer. They will hold your cellphone and cardholder securely leaving your hands free and mind at ease.

New Year’s Eve is a night to celebrate and look your best, but there are ways you can do it inexpensively, or even with pieces you already have. It just takes a little creativity, but what better way to start a new chapter than by making it your own from the start?

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