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November 12, 2015

Featured Fan: Jessica’s DIY Adventures

Here at Goodwill, we love our fans! You folks hold nothing back when it comes to keeping us inspired. Whether you’re decoupaging a dresser or going for a night out on the town in your Goodwill-sourced fashions and accessories, we get a thrill out of how you bring us into your homes and lives.

When Jessica Glenney sent us an email sharing some of her favorite thrift store projects from her Spartanburg home, we knew they were too great to not be shared!

Let this DIY Maven show you how it’s done.

Dog Crate

Dog Crate

I started with an old set of lower cabinets.  I got my husband to cut holes out of the doors for me.  The top was already a nice butcher block finish, so I didn’t do anything to that part.  I painted the bottom half a nice light blue, then rubbed over that with some dark brown paint I had leftover from the Dresser project.  I bought new hardware and some locks for the doors.  My husband stapled in the chicken wire and it has been perfect for our little dogs.


Clean/Dirty Dishwasher Magnet

Thrift Store Letter Stickers

I bought a set of half-used letter stickers for scrapbooking at the thrift store.  I used one of those magnets that is attached to the front of the phone books they deliver and taped on two different designs of pretty paper that I just had lying around.  I used the stickers for the ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ lettering.


Medicine Cabinet

medicine cabinet

I bought this white medicine cabinet that already had the chicken wire stapled in.  I attached the navy fabric with white polka dots with tacks to the back of each door.  My husband put some hardware on the back and we hung it above the toilet in the master bathroom.




Fall Dining Room Décor

Fall Decorations 2

I lucked out and found the round mirror, the gold was sconces, and all the fall leaf decorations at the thrift store.  I hung the round mirror and the sconces over top of an existing large rectangular mirror in my dining room with twine and stuck some leaves and berries behind the top of the mirror.  I put some of the leaves and berries in a short vase on top of the dog crate and the remaining ones on my table as a centerpiece around a candle I stole from my guest room.

Thank you so much for sharing these with us, Jessica! 

Do you have a great DIY project you like to share with us? We’d love to see it!  Just drop us a line at! 


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