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July 23, 2014

Guest Post by @Fashiondivaforless!

Today’s guest post is by SC fashionista, Jennifer Roper! Jennifer has a great eye for style and she has some fabulous Goodwill finds to share! You can follow her on Instagram @fashiondivaforless!

My love of Goodwill all started when I went with a friend to find an outfit for a church play. I always had a negative connotation of Goodwill but as a fashion diva and a shopping maven, I agreed to the adventure. Since we were there on a mission, I didn’t get to look around too much but I did find a beautiful Milly skirt. So impressed by my find (retails for $200, purchased for $4.25), I decided to go back when I could dedicate time to shopping the store… and lo and behold, I became a thrifting fan in search of the next treasure.
Here are some of my favorite pieces from my treasure hunts….
1. I purchased a plain tan dress, undershirt and lace shawl and transformed the items into a voodoo doll costume for Halloween (I’m a New Orleans Native).
goodwill 1
2. This beautiful tweed dress is reminiscent of former First Lady Jackie ‘O. The pin also came from Goodwill – now all I need is a pillbox hat!
3. My most recent find was this WhiteHouse BlackMarket polka dot halter dress. I felt like a 50’s pinup girl!
4. When the newest Columbia Store (Hardscrabble) opened just minutes from my house, I had to visit opening day. I came home with a bagful of items including this BNWT J.Crew Peter Pan collar top. Can’t wait to style it in the fall.
5. These silk beauties are a perfect fit. The top is J.Crew and the bottom is Banana Republic.
My advice to anyone, whether you are a fashion lover or novice shopper, is to dedicate time and effort in finding quality pieces. Goodwill is full of wonderful items that can work for any wardrobe. Also, don’t be afraid of sizes, some items have made it to the destination because they shrunk in the wash – be open to all sizes and try the item on, you might just be surprised at how great it works for your shape.
Happy Hunting Goodwill Shoppers!

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