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October 21, 2011

Fall Fashion: Sweater Love.

Fall is here and I love every bit of the chill that it brings. Fall fashion is where it’s at–boots, plaid flannel, sweaters. I love it. Lately, I have found a lot of sweaters at Goodwill. Remember the long, pink sweater and the Loft cardigan giveaway? Get ready for more, because I am feeling sweater obsessed. I paid less than $4.00 for each of these sweaters. Amazing! Seriously, why pay retail?

Cardigan from Charlotte Russe. The perfect weekend sweater.

Cashmere/Silk Sweater by Moda International (Target). This sweater was made for book reading and cocoa drinking.

Cream Poncho. Have you noticed that Ponchos are making a HUGE comeback? Some are too bulky for my taste. I would feel like I was drowning in wool. But, this one seems ideal, to me. Light, thin, not too long or too short. Thank you, person who gave this up without realizing that ponchos are back.

Have you scored any sweaters at Goodwill? Do share!

Enjoying the Good Life,