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January 29, 2014


Have you visited my Etsy shop, recently? I’ve added two new items that are pretty fun.IMG_9111

candlesticksI have a few more things in my shop that I think would be happy in your home, so hop on over and take a look!

Now, let’s talk about the weather! Is it absolutely freezing in your corner? Monday, I didn’t even need a jacket and yesterday, I was bundled up. Today, a lot of people have snow! Are you one? Go play and then make yourself a cup of hot cocoa. It’s the right thing to do!

Enjoying the Good Life,



  1. Yes we have snow down here in the DEEP south. My in-ground pool is frozen. It was pretty the first day. Now I’m ready for spring 😉
    Thanks for the encouragement to do more with what I already have.
    Question. Any idea’s on how I can update a velour dress that I bought in 1980. LOL Yes it’s that old. But I’ve noticed velour is back in style. Not only does it keep me warm but I love it. Hence the reason I’ve kept it all these years.
    God Bless yall!!!

    • goodwillsc

      Send a picture! I’d love to help you brainstorm ideas.