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November 20, 2017

Enjoying Family, Friends, & Food In Style

It’s Thanksgiving week!  If you’re like me, that means this week is going to feel like a juggling act trying to get everything prepared and ready for family, friends, and a lot of food.

With all of the stress from shopping, crowds, and cooking, it is likely we will all be exhausted before the end of the week. So, it is imperative we find the perfect outfit that is stylish and comfortable.  After all, there is nothing sexy about popping a button or sitting in agony after a big meal.

You can’t enjoy the season of food and
festivities if you’re uncomfortable.

Fortunately, we don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion this holiday season.  Here are a few ways to blend the two so you’re pulled together and perfectly comfortable:

  1. Drawstring pants. This is not the day for anything skinny, especially your pants.  Since they are all the rage, you should have no trouble finding a pair of drawstring pants.  ‘Tis the season for flexible options.  The extra inch or so available in these pants makes a huge difference when it comes to lounging around the house and enjoying holiday treats.


  1. Oversized sweaters. Keep the seasonal cheer going strong and stay comfy with a colorful sweater.  No matter what style you choose or what you layer beneath it, sweaters are comfortable, casual, and always appropriate.  To keep it stylish, you can always complement the sweater with a patterned or neutral colored shirt.


  1. Comfortable shoes. Even if you’re not standing in the kitchen all day, chances are you’re going to be on standing around a lot, so it’s important to keep your feet happy.  This is especially true if you are the one cooking all day.  Flats are always a good option, but not the only factor to consider.  You want to make sure your shoes have enough support and stretch to stay comfortable all day.  You know your feet are going to be swollen by the evening, so avoid straps and any material that doesn’t have some give like hard or synthetic leather.

  1. Save your best. With food and family, this is not the time to break out your best, most expensive pieces because inevitably something will get spilled or splattered.  Just like any family gathering, this is a time for pieces that are relaxed, comfortable, and easy to clean.  If you’re worried about ruining your shirt or shoes it’s impossible to enjoy yourself.  So, save yourself the stress.  There will be enough of that already.


This is the time of year when we really focus on being thankful for all of the many blessings in our lives, and one of those is being able to enjoy the season looking fabulous without feeling miserable.  There will be plenty of time to put fashion before comfort, but that this is not that time.

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