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January 03, 2017

Easy Winter Décor…from the Thrift Store

Like it or not, winter is here and the holidays are over. I know, I know…how can that be?? And if you’re anything like me, seasonal home décor in January and February can be tough to achieve. Even the slightest hint of red looks like Christmas décor you forgot to put away!

With that in mind, I decided to focus on our fireplace/hearth, since we might actually get to use it now! On a recent Goodwill thrifting trip, I spotted this wide-set basket that was in good, solid shape (albeit it little dusty).


When I set it on the fireplace to check the size (which was perfect), I suddenly had a sea of brown- Wood mantle, red brick fireplace, brass screen, and now? A brown basket. It was too much for me to handle! So, I cleaned off the basket as best I could, grabbed a can of white spray paint, and headed outside.


Now that the basket was bright and clean, it needed one more element to give it that cozy-winter look that I wanted. Enter a damaged (huge gaping hole where the last buttonhole should be) flannel shirt from the thrift store clearance racks.


Using flannel fabric from the sleeves only (I’ll save the rest for another project), I cut out long strips…sewed them together…and hemmed it all the way around until I had a ball of “flannel ribbon”.


Then, I simply wrapped my “ribbon” around and around the basket handle, using a hot glue gun to secure it place every so often.


Now it’ll brighten up my hearth like sunshine on snow- cozy, seasonal, and equally decorative and functional. Bonus feature? It has a much nicer hand-feel when lugging logs from the back porch to the living room!


Craft on!