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May 14, 2018

Easy Frame Makeover

One of my very favorite things to purchase at thrift stores is FRAMES!

They are so easy to makeover and can make a HUGE impact in a room!

On a trip to Goodwill, I noticed these older very large (my favorite!) frames and asked my husband to get them both down from a high shelf, in my mind knowing they’d be too expensive, but since there were two so I thought I would just at least look.

He turned them around and they were $3.99!!!!!!! I was sold and did not let them go as I continued looking around the store.

Once I got home, I could not wait to make them over since these were not exactly the colors I was going for, but I knew paint would work wonders.

All I did was spray the frame white, then paint a coat of white over it and did the exact same thing to the mat.

Did you know you could paint a mat?

Yep. Super easy and a quick update!

Finally, it was time to add the pictures! And guess what? I didn’t even print their pictures on actual photo paper. I took them to Staples (make sure it’s on a jump drive!) and had them printed on regular paper for around $3 total.

I love the impact they made in our living room and having these large coordinating frames as twice as much JOY as I see them each day!


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