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August 27, 2018

Easy Frame Ideas

In South Carolina, our children start back to school this week! And as the new school year approaches, anything I can do to make that transition easier AND makes our mornings so much smoother is a win!


Each year that our boys have been in school year, I struggle to remember who needs to turn his library book in on what day and what days each has P.E! This year, I was determined to find a solution.


Empty Frame Idea #1

I found this paper calendar and remembered the empty frames I already had at home! I knew it would be perfect to hang above where we already hang their clothes for each day.

Sure enough, I got home, used some twine, an empty frame and five minutes later, we had a cute calendar! I used a marker to write in their activity days but I think it would be adorable to use stickers or other embellishments!


Empty Frame Idea #2

Using another empty frame, chicken wire was stapled inside and now, we can easily hang their most recent masterpieces.

Combined with a piece of wood and boat hooks to hang clothes, stools for their shoes, and immediately our mornings flow so well.

All it took were two empty frames and a calendar!

Empty frames are an affordable solution to frame any canvas, any artwork or simply accent any piece around your home!

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