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September 26, 2017

Easy Fall Transitions

Hurricanes aside, I have thoroughly enjoyed the cooler fall weather over the last few weeks. It is usually much later in the season before it actually starts to feel like fall, which can make getting dressed in the morning a bit trickier.


Cool mornings, hot days and pleasant evenings can make it hard to pull together a complete outfit when you have to have so many different layers to meet the weather needs. Plus what colors are you suppose to wear? Are the bright colors of summer still appropriate? Is it too early to break out the deeper, autumn palette?


Here are my favorite tips for navigating this transitional season, however long it may last:


  1. Wear it now layer it later. This is a great tip for extending the use of our summer pieces. The idea is to not simply just to throw on a jacket or sweater over your outfit and go, but rather try to create a brand new fall outfit using summer pieces. While every summer piece won’t transition, most of them will.


  1. A color story. Summer colors are characteristically bright, vibrant and cool, while fall colors tend to be warmer, muted and muddied. Luckily the two palettes can work together. When using color to transition your wardrobe, the key is to make the fall color dominate and summer color an accent. The idea is to create a deeper, richer palette overall with pops of bright accent colors.


  1. Add some flannel and suede. Another great way to get into the spirit of fall is to add some flannel and suede to your wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if it’s a belt, jacket, or pair of shoes; suede and flannel are quintessential fall fabrics that will instantly transition and elevate your look.


  1. Change your shoes. Fall footwear could not be more different from summer footwear. Although we may not have the temperatures to pull off an over-the-calf boot yet, we can definitely slip into some of the season’s other shoes. For example, loafers, Chelsea boots, pointed-toe flats and even sneakers can instantly turn a summer outfit into a fall one.


While it’s still early to pull out the wool, tweed and cashmere, now is the perfect time to mix fall colors and textures with summer ones. Test yourself and see just how many new outfits you can create mixing and matching your favorite summer pieces with fall ones.



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