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November 28, 2017

Don’t Throw Out Your Favorite Jeans Over a Little Wear & Tear

“A good roommate is like a good pair of jeans – you hold on them no matter what.”

-Lauren Conrad, The Hills


Like most, I was insanely hooked on The Hills. I was Team Lauren for whatever that’s worth as I think back on the series, I realize Lauren had great quotes and one-liners that are very useful in life.

After being in college and experiencing the horror of roommates, I can’t attest to the first part of the quote but when I have a good pair of jeans, I never let them go. Even when they fall apart.

A friend of mine had given me a pair of jeans I had planned to cut and use for another project but something lured them to me and I decided to try them on.  The jeans and I were meant to be. Picture this: you put on a pair of jeans and they hug your curves so perfect you may or may not perform a little sashay around your room. It’s love at first shimmy. You are in a full-on relationship with the jeans.

After much wear, the jeans start to show a bit of tear. So, what do you do? Do you just throw them out like they haven’t been giving you the best months of your life? No! You don’t just give up! You find a way to mend the relationship, er, jeans!


Visible mending is taking an article of worn and torn clothing and giving it a new life with beautiful scars.

My jeans have been loyal and I decided it was time to stop being so selfish and pull some weight (in this relationship).

Out came the needles and my embroidery thread!

The emrodiery floss I found at Goodwill has turned out to be one o my best purchases ever.


Tell me, what’s the one article of clothing you can’t part with even if it’s no longer in it’s best form? What have you done to extend the relationship?


  1. Love this idea.

  2. I take fabric from a worn out pair of my husband’s jeans, and patch from the inside. I place the patch material on the inside of the worn spot, set my sewing machine to zig zag, thread with invisible thread, and go to town a couple of times, all over the patch, not just the edges. This strengthens the weaker, worn spot, and the thread isn’t visible.

  3. Shanika, I wanted to look at your blog but when I highlighted your link, it took me to a sex website. Just FYI

    • Did you try or I changed my site to the latter but I’ll look into it. Thanks!

  4. Applique is such a huge trend in jeans, I would have covered the fray with that.

  5. Love the idea! Wish there had been a way to save my favorite jeans a few years ago. They were the best jeans ever and I wore them for at least a year before they were so soft they ended up coming out of the wash with 2 big holes in the butt. Couldn’t think of a way to save them that wouldn’t look weird.

  6. Honestly i am telling you i love the jeans and i also have a lot collection of jeans. Whenever i go to college i wear a jeans. I love the jeans wears!