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August 29, 2017

Don’t Discount White After Labor Day

Labor Day is just a few days away, but contrary to old school rules, that doesn’t mean you have to pack away your favorite white pieces.


The rule that white was only appropriate or acceptable between Easter and Labor Day was created by the upper class as a way of differentiating themselves from everyone else. That was it. There is no rationale for it other than to help one group of people feel superior to others, and no reason we should keep following it today.


White may be a more practical color to wear in the hotter months because it reflects the heat, it works year round. There are a few stipulations, just like with any color, but that doesn’t mean you should completely avoid the color for over half the year.


Here are two outfits that are perfect for closing out the summer and some tips to remember when transitioning them to fall:


Form matters. While an all-white outfit always works, there are other ways you can incorporate white throughout the year. Color blocking is a great option because it allows you to use additional seasonal colors to balance your white pieces. Another option is to choose textured fabrics to add various shades and dimensions so the look is not flat.


Functionality is required. I am a believer that no matter how pretty something is; when it comes to my wardrobe if something isn’t functional I have a hard time investing in it. The same is true for your white pieces. Sometimes no matter how well something works in July, it just doesn’t work in October. White shoes and bags immediately jump to my mind. Darker accessories ground white clothes, but the reverse does not hold true.




This is also where you have to consider the fabric choice. Lighter-weight fabrics are functional in summer as stand-alone pieces, but beyond that you will need to layer them under heavier-weighted ones to make them work. That’s a win-win though because you want to keep layers light and thin to avoid visual bulk plus they will allow for more air circulation to keep you cooler.


Style it your way. Just like other trends, white has varied in popularity over the years, but today it is accepted as a year round wardrobe staple. White and grey is a classic cozy winter palette, while white and emerald is a vibrant, bold one. The combinations are endless so you can strike a balance that works perfectly for your style and the situation.



Whether you decide to wear it or not, white works for all seasons. My only hard and fast rule are to keep it crisp and clean. White can start looking tired, worn-out or dingy pretty quickly, and that’s never a good look. So treat your whites well and take good care of them.


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