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April 18, 2012

DIY:Doily Garland

1. I cleaned and organized my craft shelf yesterday. It was a hot mess and I feel like a little weight has dropped off of me. It’s nice to walk by and think, “Wow…that looks good” instead of shuddering and hiding my eyes in fear and horror.

2. I made paper doily garland! It was simple and adorable. Seriously, if you can sew a straight line…this is the project for you.

I started with bias tape. I don’t generally have a need for bias tape, but for this project–bias tape is where it’s at.

I also used some paper doilies. You know, you’re not a southerner if these aren’t just hanging around your kitchen or craft shelf. : )

I folded each doily in half and stitched it to the bias tape.

And…that’s it! You can make this as long or short as you want. I used an entire pack of bias tape and spaced the doilies a few inches apart.

3. We have a winner for the April Giveaway! Lindsay Miller, get excited because this cute floral set is yours! I will be emailing you.

Happy Wednesday, friends! Thanks for being such great readers!

Enjoying the Good Life,