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February 27, 2013

DIY Triangle Garland

 Can you believe it’s time for another Pinterest Challenge? I love when this challenge rolls around because it inspires me to think outside the box and to be inspired by other DIYers at Young House Love.

As weird as it sounds to say, triangles are really “in” right now. I saw some triangle garland and I was like, “Ok, that’s really fun. Also, I can totally do that.” Sometimes I tell myself that I can do something when, in reality, I may never really get around to it. But this, this was something I could whip up pretty quickly. Done.

I started by cutting triangles out of heavy card stock. I used 4 different colors, one sheet each. So, 4 sheets total.

I set them up by the sewing machine in the order that I wanted to use them and then I just started sewing them together, layering one triangle after another–I let them overlap just a bit. Also, I sewed the whole thing in reverse because it gave me better control over adding the triangles and the length of the garland fell at my feet instead of behind my machine.

And, that was it! The total time for this project was probably 1 hr. For something so easy, I feel like it makes a dramatic impact.

Yes, those are oranges holding up my garland. Can we call it “artsy”? I  just finished watching The Mindy Project and I feel like Mindy Kaling would be like, “I like oranges. So what?” But, I’m not gonna say that. Even though she does bring out my inner sass-mouth. Oranges do make pretty good weights, though.

Do you love that print? It’s by Cole & Co. Designs. That Audrey…

Happy Wednesday!

Enjoying the Good Life,