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March 12, 2014

DIY// Tissue Paper Tassel

Tissue paper tassel garland is super trending right now. They are cute, inexpensive, and pretty quick to throw together for a party! They are a little overpriced if you buy them pre-made, but so easy to whip up! Want a little DIY tutorial? For sure.

Grab a pack of tissue paper from your local retail/craft store or online.

IMG_4868Fold a sheet in half length-wise and then again, width-wise. The pre-folded lines makes this pretty easy. One sheet makes two tassels and, sometimes, I’ll lay down two sheets at a time to speed things up.

IMG_4870Start trimming fringe across the tissue paper, leaving about an inch or so along the top folds.

IMG_4871Keep going!

IMG_4872When you get to the folded end, cut the folded piece in half.

IMG_4873Open up one of your pieces, and start rolling down the center.

IMG_4875When you get to the end, fold it in half and twist the center to form a loop.

IMG_4876Simple and quick, right?



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