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August 25, 2016

DIY “Thrifter Upper” Farmhouse-Style Sign

Popular TV shows like Fixer Upper have taught me one thing: “Modern rustic farmhouse style” is all the rage right now! And while the style itself is hard to describe, the aesthetic of it is easily recognized…lots of white, lots of rustic wood, a few vintage elements with a touch of galvanized metal…you get the drift. So, me being me, I had to try my hand at repurposed DIY farmhouse style!

So, I headed to Goodwill and made a beeline for the “wood” section- where things like knife blocks and small shelves can be found. And just as I had hoped, I found an old wooden cutting board that would be perfect for what I had in mind- a rustic, farmhouse-style sign.

1_cutting board at Goodwill Sadie Seasongoods

Cutting boards are a great repurposing medium- once you hit it with a sander, you can refresh it in no time and get rid of a few layers of who knows what.

2_repurposing cutting board Sadie Seasongoods

After sanding it to a smooth, fresh finish and wiping off the dust, I nabbed one of my favorite wood stains that would give the cutting board a nice rustic look. I gave the board two coats of stain and let it dry overnight.

3_repurposing cutting board Sadie Seasongoods

4_repurposing cutting board Sadie Seasongoods

Then, I assembled everything I’d need for stenciling my sign- a stencil (which I bought on Etsy, but craft stores have nice selections these days); spray adhesive; craft paint; and a stencil brush (or sponge dabber). I gave the back of my stencil a touch of spray adhesive and smoothed it on the cutting board.

5_repurposing cutting board Sadie Seasongoods

Using as little paint on my stencil brush as possible, I stippled paint onto the board. (Unsure of how to stencil? There are lots of how-to videos online!). After the paint had dried (which is quick, because you aren’t using much), I carefully peeled off the stencil and voilà- a farmhouse-style coffee sign!

7_repurposed cutting board by Sadie Seasongoods

To finish it up, I added some hanging wire to the back…

And two hooks to the front!

8_repurposed cutting board by Sadie Seasongoods

There- my DIY farmhouse coffee sign from a repurposed cutting board…complete with two matching mugs from Goodwill, too!

9_repurposed cutting board by Sadie Seasongoods

How fun is that?? I can’t wait to stencil something else…but in the meantime, I think it’s time for a pumpkin spiced latte!

Craft on!


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