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March 25, 2013

DIY Tassel Necklace

Apparently, tassels are where it’s at this season. And, I’m not complaining because, well–I think they’re fab. How can you not love a good pair of loafers with tassels, or a necklace, or anything?

Here’s the thing: let’s diy it. Because, you know that if it’s in style, we should totally find a way to do it ourselves.

Start by wrapping your string around a card–business card, credit card, etc. I used embroidery thread, but I think it would be fun with leather or baker’s twine, too.

Remove the string from the card and use a second piece of string to wrap just below the top, leaving enough room to thread your necklace string through. Tie it off.

Use scissors to clip to loops around the bottom. If your strings are uneven, just trim them up a bit.

Take another piece of string and thread it through your top loop to use your tassel as a necklace or to adhere it to something else.

Bam! 5 minutes, tops. Proceed to make a million because it’s just that fun.

Enjoying the Good Life,


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